It’s critical for communities to know where risk exists regarding hazardous materials. This responsibility typically falls on the Emergency Manager/Fire Chief. Most Fire Records Management Systems don’t provide an efficient process to collect the data for identifying where hazards exist. Many times this is a manual process, requiring personnel to complete timely onsite inspection. Many communities don’t have the required resources to gather this information therefore leaving much of the risk unknown potentially exposing responding fire personnel and public life safety situations.

Streamline reduces time spent gathering data through the registration process. Business owners simply log into Streamline’s branded portal and register any hazardous chemicals and products. This web based portal immediately store the records on a secure cloud server and instantaneously deliver the report to the building owner and local agency. Information is available immediately and remotely, oftentimes eliminating the need for follow-up site visits. If follow up visits are needed, inspectors verify data using Streamline’s iPad HazMat application to perform in the field inspections. This process eliminates paper and greatly increases accuracy and efficiency.


Registering all Hazardous chemicals in your district is critical for ensuring the safety of your community. StreamLine HazMat Management makes it simpler, less expensive and faster to achieve successful comprehensive and accurate hazardous chemicals registration. Our unique web based system allows easy access for both the department and end user, retaining contact information, key-holders and emergency information, for current and prior years.

Once the registration process is complete, inspectors then use Streamline’s HazMat iPad app to confirm inspections.

The online system contains all of the registration data and the HazMat database. Quickly run reports from the online portal, or export the data back to the Fire RMS.

It’s never been easier to accurately bill and collect payment: StreamLine HazMat is integrated directly into our proprietary RecoveryHub system, so invoices are generated automatically based on your fee schedules. We then track, notify, bill and collect with complete transparency. All collected revenue is sent to the City monthly, less our fee.